Hive Mobi

SMS Broadcast

Communicate with larger audience with our interactive SMS campaigns. You can use campaigns to promote new products or services, send offers to your loyal customers, share important information with your employees etc. Campaigns are not just for one-way bulk message delivery. A reply path enables your customers to respond back to your communication

Voice Broadcast

Send voice messages to your customers or build interactive voice campaigns and run within minutes. Voice broadcast helps your business in setting up interactive campaigns that automates bulk voice calls to mobile/telephone users, playing pre-recorded messages

Missed Call To Call

Your customers can place a missed call to your given number at Zero cost to them to receive a call back immediately. will automatically call your agents whose numbers are configured in the Missed call service. will then call back your customer and patch both the calls all at Zero cost and Zero wait-time for your customer

Missed Call To SMS

Your customers can place a missed call to a given number at Zero cost to them and receive an SMS in response. The response SMS may be static or customized to include personal and dynamic content.

SMS To Call

The missed call services is fully integrated with an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) that you can configure using our interactive Call Flow Designer tool (for free!). Our system will call them back and play the IVR configured by you on the platform.

Click To Call

One of the more convenient ways for your customer to let you call them, either now or at a convenient time. Your customer can request a call back Customer enter their number in a widget and get an immediate call back.

Voice Response

Create deploy and launch rich interactive voice applications rapidly. Our Call Flow Designer provides an intuitive web-based visual interface for you to build voice applications without any coding.

Short Code

Short codes are special mobile numbers that are short and therefore easy to remember. You can rent a dedicated short code for your application or configure keywords on shared short codes. Once setup you can interact with your customers through a medium they already love at a low cost.

Long Code

Long codes are 10-digit virtual mobile numbers that can be used for both SMS and voice communication. Setup your interactive voice application and make it available on a long code.


Keywords allow your business to establish a cost-effective, two-way SMS communication channel while providing a unique identity to your business. Using keywords you can solicit customer feedback or run surveys to gauge customer satisfaction