Chemical and Pharma

The Advanced Chemical and Pharma with Information Technology and Management programme addresses recent developments in the global Chemical and Pharma by focusing on advancements of information technology and business management skills.

It builds on the Department's established strengths in computer modelling, process systems engineering, numerical modelling, computational fluid dynamics, finite element modelling, process control and development of software for process technologies.

The function of IT in modern society, and industry in particular, is in managing information by collecting, storing, transforming, retrieving and supplying vast amounts of critical data. It helps decision makers in every step of the industrial activity life cycle.

It is important to realize that IT cannot be considered on its own, in isolation from the other tools employed in any application domain, especially in industry. In fact, IT has already been integrated with:

  • Business strategies including the design and operation of vast business alliances and marketplaces;
  • Operational decision making in production;
  • Modelling of chemical processes and systems for the purposes of efficient operation and system design.