Travel & Hospitality

As information and communication technology continues to gain ground and become more relevant with a positive impact on the nation's economy; awareness has been spread amongst the travel agents, tour operators and on tourists in term of the usefulness of IT awareness in the tourism industry.

In a simple language IT is the modern way of using computers to communicate and get information through research, about the knowledge of what we are short of. It is the best way of communication. IT relates to tourism in many ways hence the only option before the advent of IT globally if you wanted to travel any where you have to walk from your house down to the street to get the local agency either as outbound and inbound tourist. 

The tourism industry has proved particularly suitable for the adoption of information technology because of its dependence upon the supply and exchange of information throughout the production and distribution chain. As an extremely information intensive industry, tourism is undergoing rapid and radical modern changes. A wide range of opportunities discover on daily basis through the use of information and communication technology. Now information technology is being used for a variety of functions in the tourism industry, ranging from an internal organization role to external communication between different parts of the industry. The continuous development of information technology has profound implications for the whole tourism industry.  

Thus, it is valuable and advisable for companies to increase the impact of IT on overall performance of companies.