We all have learnt in our schools that Human is a social animal and is dependent on society for his or her various needs. In todays world people from the age group between 13-50 years are Internet savvy. Most of them use various social networking sites to be linked and connected with their near and dear ones. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, MySpace, Orkut are some of the social networking sites that are widely used by most of the people to connect with many groups from their various age levels, right from schooling, college, previous and current work places etc.

FUNKART is a medium that help bring together prospective buyer and the seller via Facebook. Consumers purchase when they have information and knowledge about the product. This work of providing information to the audience is done by FUNKART. For this purpose, FUNKART is divided into different pages on Facebook on the basis of different locations. FUNKART does inexpensive advertisement of various segment shops in these particular locations along with other entertainments like movie releases, dramas, sports and promotions, thus spreading awareness amongst Facebook users.