Our Expertise


Our Expertise

Manomay Informatics is a comprehensive IT company, which provides service on Web based technology and IT Infrastructure Facilities for small, medium and large-scale Enterprises, governmental organizations and Departments. Our technology service includes Network Solutions, Data center Deployment and Management, Web-Based Application Development, Business Identity Management, Online Campaigning, Marketing, IT Infrastructure Facility Management, Concept Design and Development,etc.

As we have a strong hold in ITand ITES solution development, now we are ready to cater our expertise to large corporate and government sectors.

We are an innovative and fast growing company, based in India, USA and Europe that provides a series of software and hardware products that have helped customers and businesses to create successful market initiatives. We provide all the services that a company needs to get online, right from web designing to web hosting and above all, website promotion in search engines, online software with off-line design as company logo design, corporate presentation, catalog design, graphic design, animation, brand identity design. Manomay Informatics has successfully developed the role in Business Identity Management through providing services to Small Medium Enterprises and Corporates.

Manomay Informatics is looking forward to build relationship with existing IT infrastructure provider companies to get new dimensions of business through interlinking the work together. Our USA and Europe division took the initiative to outsource the business to India. We are searching the services that are aimed to manage technology infrastructure from availability, performance and security perspectives to promote and get business through world and insource to IT infrastructure providing organizations. We are now incorporating and bonding with those organizations to review services along with the manage suite when handling large and complex technology infrastructures for large enterprises, Indian government organizations and departments.

The objective of this service is to manage infrastructures from availability, manageability and performance perspective. A host of services devised to meet diverse customer requirements spans simple reporting of basic level availability of technology infrastructure to advanced system administration activities. The services are depending on customer's requirement.