Our Core Business
Manomay Informatics is an IT company, which provides service on Web based technology and IT Infrastructure Facilities for various enterprises and institutions. Manomay Informatics having its existence in India since 2008 through IT business, it has expertise in various streams of IT and ITES solutions. We deliver widespread services ranging from Network Solutions, Data centre Deployment and Management, Web-Based Application Development, Business Identity Management, Online Campaigning & Marketing, IT Infrastructure Facility Management, Concept Design and Development, etc. Thus, we hereby provide all the services that a company needs to get online, right from web designing to web hosting and above all, website promotion in search engines, cloud based enterprise solutions along with all branding and marketing creatives.

Manomay Informatics is a fast growing organisation presently handling over 500 clients and have designed more than 1500 websites. Out of the total turnover, about 40% income is generated from renewals and continuous maintenance projects each year and balance from new projects. There exists growth potential within the present core business and the opportunities associated with creating value propositions, for underserved customer groups. Considering the same, we developed strategy in such a manner so as to make optimum utilisation of the resources and attain the growth for revenue and profitability.

Our Growth & Expansion
As we all know Growth strategies are never pursued in a vacuum, and being willing to change course in response to feedback from the market is as important as implementing a strategy. As retail market is established in India, Manomay Informatics is also launching new products in telecom industry as and social networking promotions for local businesses viz, Funkara.

Our Global Establishment
Manomay Informatics has marked its footprints not only in India, but also mounted the steps to global market by creating its presence in United States with the establishment of Manomay Informatics LLC. The United States has a capitalist mixed economy which is fueled by abundant natural resources and high productivity. Many business houses in US are continuously expanding their businesses all over the world. So becoming a quality service provider for such organisations provides us a global exposure. With a strong base in India and setting up in US, we can deliver better quality services and approach to the next level business. Apart from this, Manomay Informatics has build relations with business houses in various segments though collaborating with them.

Join Us
Manomay Informatics LLC enjoys business being featurised as a simple, diversified services, predictable, wise returns on capital, strong revenue generation and devotion to investors value. Our diversified business strategy provides us various income generation sources due to which our business risk has minimised and balanced. Thus a wise strategy management attracts investors for fruitful business tie-ups. Manomay Informatics LLC team hereby welcome you to join and grow with us.!!!