Finance & Accounting

You can significantly improve your organization is profitability by outsourcing your finance and accounting services. With your routine financial processes taken care of externally, your decision makers can concentrate on more crucial tasks such as forecasting and analyzing.

Outsourcing financial management processes can reduce transaction costs by up to 35-50 per cent per transaction. With substantial volumes, substantial savings can be achieved. Outsourcing also increases flexibility, since the demands for in resourcing can vary significantly; the alternative of using dedicated personnel is a relatively inefficient way to handle new or occasional needs. In addition, outsourcing can also serve as a guarantee for improved process quality, providing standardized processes and well-developed benchmarks. As importantly, outsourcing processes can continuously develop delivering improved best-practice benefits in the future as well.

Purchase to pay Stream
 handles purchase invoices and accounts payable transaction management. The service automates manual processes and shortens delivery times, improves process quality and dramatically reduces accounts payable management costs.

Order to Cash Stream supports sales and accounting. The service handles outgoing invoices and, when needed, attaches targeted personalized messages to them. The service covers accounts receivable management, including debt collection.

Payroll Stream collects all necessary information for payroll management through electronic channels. This cloud-based service facilitates transactions and can significantly reduce costs. The service makes the daily management especially HR management easier and more effective.