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What We Offer
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Web Promotion
  • Product Cart
  • Content Management System
  • Web ERP and CRM
  • Order Tracking System
  • Socialize
Responsive Web Design

Manomay Informatics Web Designers built a clean, easy to use website that provides the tools and capabilities to update the website to develop brand modernization and give the site a new look and feel.Create a responsive web design that works on a wide range of devices, including tablets and smart phones.The responsive web design technique is a cost effective and user friendly solution because it uses a single website rather than two websites (one for mobile devices and the other for desktop computer monitors).

Web Promotion

Today we witness that some of the biggest brands get bombed in spite of the companies spending millions of dollars in the market research, brand designing, manufacturing and then marketing it. The reason is that these brands failed in terms of visibility among the customers! Hence it is not just developing the web, but to smartly promoting it on the net that brings results.

Today the number of people or surfers who search for information on net is quite high. The most likely first thing they do while on the net is to search for something they seek on the search engines like Google, Yahoo etc.

Hence ideally web promotion through these search engine optimization (SEO) is the most sensible option to achieve positive results.

In this option you can get listed in search engines either by a paid listing or free listing. Free listing is the most convenient way of Web promotion or web marketing. For the free search engine listing, get the Web Page optimized first to make it search engine compatible.

Product Cart   

Our ecommerce software is used all over the world to build and manage professional Internet stores. As one of the most comprehensive ecommerce systems available today, Product Cart combines a long list of features with intuitive management tools that make it easy for anyone to build and manage their online storefront.

Content Management System

Manomay Informatics builds the websites with a CMS solution. Using the Content Management System the client can maintain onsite information without the need of any technical expertise. Because of the CMS, making the changes and content uploadation becomes simple.

Web ERP and CRM

Enterprise software such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are unique. Because every business that uses them is different, ERP and CRM software must be custom tailored to the needs of each business. Traditionally, that has meant either custom developing an ERP or CRM system for the specific requirements of an organization or purchasing an existing ERP and CRM system and customizing it.

Order Tracking System

For many E-commerce businesses, order tracking software has become not a luxury, but a requirement. Such software is particularly in demand with companies who's sales have reached a level that means that keeping on top of all of the sales transactions has become too big a workload. Order tracking software takes a large amount of the day to day mundane work off your shoulders; freeing you up to do the more important things that are needed to move your business forward. Order tracking software's essence lies in its automating of order processing, sales tracking, and communication with customers. Automation is the key word of order tracking software, and this means that once everything has initially been configured, you will not need to interact with the software at all. Order tracking software comes in all shapes and sizes. For the consumer it is important to be able to distinguish between good quality order tracking software, and order tracking software of a lower standard.


Social media is very important for the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries. These services allow the industries to deliver real time information to a global market. Manomay Informatics maintains in the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube updates to be seen on the homepage on the behalf of the clients.